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Baka, Wakiso - Uganda


We are absolutely proud and grateful to have been able to beat all our targets by far in our first two years of existence.

In years 2018 and 2019, while running our six month certificate level programs, we were able to graduate 1000 students many of whom have jobs.

Our mission and purpose is to make a difference in the community.

The stories you are about to read are of youth who at one time had lost any hope of a bright future. 
All the odds were against them. 

Tandika changed all that. Tandika gave them an opportunity to make something meaningful with their skills. 

We measure our success not in monetary terms, but in terms of lives changed and communities touched.
That is why we exist. That is Tandika. 

The Life Changing Story of Bagalana Alice

Bagalana Alice is a graduate of our 2nd group.
She graduated in hairdressing in 2019 in hairdressing and cosmetology
Alice had lost her Dad who had been the main provider for the family.
As a result, she faced many hardships and struggled to make ends meet. She was unemployed and unskilled. Nonetheless, Alice had a hard working personality.
When she joined Tandika, she was able to combine her hardworking nature with income generating skills. She graduated among the top in her class of hairdressing and cosmetology.
Alice now uses her skills to earn a sustainable income that enables her provide for her community.
Alice is an inspiration to any young ladies who may be going through the same situation.
As Tandika, we are grateful to our generous funders who make such stories possible.

The Inspirational Tale of Naginda Latifa

As runner-up of the miss Toursim Buganda contest, her beautiful smile and calm personality do not reveal the challenging journey Naginda Latifa has taken to get to where she is today.

As a young girl, Latifa could not afford a quality education. Her family was beset by problems that meant that her education could never be a priority.

Latifa joined Tandika’s fashion and design program and it was clear even while she was a student that there was special potential locked up in her.

Tandika’s education and training helped unlock this potential.

After graduation, Latifa took her new skills to make an extraordinary impact in the market place. Today she is one of the greatest upcoming fashion stars.

Again, we are grateful to our funders who make such stories possible.