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Baka, Wakiso - Uganda

Information Technology

This course is intended to equip the trainees with knowledge, skills and attitudes which are responsive to the challenging needs in the computing industry.



2 Years

Tuition Fees

UGX 545,000

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    About the Course:

    The course will allow the graduates to work in a salaried employment or self-employment. To achieve this, units such as entrepreneurship, communication skills and life skills have been included in the course work.

    Information Technology (IT) is a fast-growing field and effective use of it enables companies to serve customers better, access more information, be more flexible in responding to business changes, and increase employee productivity. What this creates for experts who understand computer science and Information Technology is a huge amount of opportunities, and even wealth.

    Training/Learning Approach:

    This programme will equip learners with competency to develop and maintain software applications in most IT environments as a junior programmer. Leaners will also be equipped with interpersonal and business skills.

    Learners will have a solid understanding of computer industry concepts and the ability to work in areas of Systems Development with intermediate technical complexity. Learners will learn how to create software solutions using popular software development tools, technologies, platforms, internet architectures and databases.


    Course Outline

    For detailed Course Outline, kindly Download the Course Brochure