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According to statistics by the Ministry of Education, over 71% of Ugandan children of school-going age drop out of primary school before P7.

These young men and women do not attain a basic primary school education.
Of those that complete primary education, only 58% transition to secondary education. The dropout rate of secondary education according to UNESCO is 37%.

These statistics paint a grim picture for a country with an abundant young population.

Lack of basic education and literacy disadvantages these youths from accessing meaningful job opportunities. This in turn leads to high crime rates and hopelessness about the future.

Tandika seeks to address this problem by providing these youth with marketable skills. We seek to transform communities by enabling the youth become contributors.

Our plan is not only to empower the youth with skills, but also give them a platform to show case their products and services in the market place through our business center.

We invite you to be part of this journey.

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How Tandika International Began

Enoch - CEO Tandika International2
Enoch Agumisirize innocent - CEO

CEO Tandika International – As a leader of a local Community Based Organization (CBO) BreakDown Uganda, I worked with sister organizations since we had small funding to run programs, however we wanted to make a bigger impact so we partnered with other organizations.

I worked as a counsellor on one of our missions which was to run HIV tests on commercial sex workers. Here I was caught by the challenge of a 14-year-old girl Katushabe Shamim, a resident of Kimombasa Bwaise, who was in the sex trade.

When I asked her why she was not in school she said she had no tuition. I asked her who her parents were and she pointed at a woman across who was also in the sex trade. I asked her who her father was she said since her mother has been with many men, non is willing to help the daughter of a prostitute so no man accepts responsibility as her father.

I asked her if she knew any other trade or skill in life. She simply laughed and said this is what her mom had told her would solve her problems. While holding marijuana in her left hand she was comfortable with her life style because it’s all she knew.

When I got back I couldn’t rest after what I had just encountered. I called my team members and we planned how we could impact and transform such lives.
We put together the little funds we had to start a skilling center so we could equip such young less privileged adults.

Every member of the team decided to use their skills and also invite a friend who could share a skill. No sooner had we started than we discovered we needed more help to run this project.

So I contacted Aimee Dobbins whose vision had impacted me growing up as a young man and helped me make better choices of life.
When I shared Shammim’s story, it caught the heart of Mama Aimee who worked tirelessly to see us fulfill God’s call on our lives to empower the broken hearted.

Our initial vision was challenged by the rate of growth and the number of youths who learned a skill with us and graduated in our first year of existence.

We are registered with DIT as a CBO breakdown Uganda

And registered with UBTEB, as Tandika Technical Business Vocational Institute.

Our skilling centers are a hope and a voice to the communities where we are.